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Passion Finder — A Vocational Reflection Workbook

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Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or bored at work? What if you have strengths, inclinations or skills that may be better suited for a role you cannot currently imagine? What if the tasks, people or issues that energize you most are found in fields about which you are currently not thinking?

Think differently about yourself and work today. Take steps to experience vocational fulfillment and make a professional contribution in a job worth getting up for.


Suggested Uses:

  • Challenge yourself to try new things.
  • Bring focus and direction to your career development.
  • Review your job satisfaction regularly.

For a friend who is...

  • Searching for direction and motivation in life or work.
  • Complaining about work but not doing anything about it.
  • Feeling stuck with no idea where to take their life next.

For your workplace...

  • Encourage your team.
  • Match people with their personal passions and the realities of your work needs.
  • Design positions that tap into what motivates them most.

For your clients...

  • A great tool to unearth personal values and core vocational issues.