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Resume Workshop

A Meaningful Investment for Tough Times
Looking for a practical step toward greater job fulfillment?
Are you prepared should the recession affect your job?

Resume Workshop with Karl Edwards
A fresh approach to career advancement
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Instead of merely listing your past jobs:

  • Take control of how prospective employers perceive you.
  • Develop a “personal brand” that better communicates your value.
  • Organize your work history to demonstrate your preparedness for what you want to do next.

You will:

  • Impress yourself with how much you have to offer.
  • Discover skills you didn’t know you had.
  • Be prepared to recognize unexpected opportunities when they cross your path.

This is an all-day workshop. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Lunch is included. Los Angeles location to be determined.

Your Recession-Adjusted Investment
Your investment is $75. (That’s a 50% reduction from our usual one-day workshops.)

At this event you will:

  • Articulate a concise and focused statement of vocational aspiration.
  • Identify your top three to five value-adding distinctives.
  • Unearth transferable skills you have that apply to any job.
  • Organize your work history to demonstrate your competence.


Register now or contact me directly with any questions you have

Still undecided?
Not sure about diving into a workshop experience? Get to know us better through our audio internet series on, “Resume Branding.” Download the 10-minute shows on iTunes or buy the 4-part CD for $5.

Out of town?
Consider hosting a local event in your community. Call me and let’s talk about a pricing structure that would work best for you.

Please join us for this timely workshop. These are uncertain times when jobs are more competitive than ever and you need to stand out!

On your side,

- Karl

Karl D. Edwards
Bold Enterprises|Cultural Architects
Designing workplace cultures that engage, empower and get results.
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