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Enterprising Teams²

Move beyond being merely effective and toward being enthusiastic and enterprising.


Hard Facts About Working with People

Leaders often misinterpret “people issues” as the soft side of business. Learn how to create a work environment where the harsh realities of working with people are addressed and positive strategies draw forth their best efforts.


Hiring the Right People for Your Team

Every new hire changes the team. Avoid the extremes of force-fitting individuals into rigid job descriptions or redesigning the entire team every time you experience turnover. You will learn to creat a team needs profile, write outcome-based job descriptions, and a develop comprehensive interview strategy.

Crisis Management

Don’t matters worse by facing crises alone. Bring in an objective and fresh set of eyes when experiencing an emergency, circumstances spin out of control, or the unexpected catches you off guard.


Planning Retreats

Building an Enterprising Team² Workshop


Interview Sweep

Empowering Performance Reviews


Hard Facts About Working with People
The Performance Review Opportunity
Building an Enterprising Team
Be intentional about moving forward professionally.