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How Did We End Up Here?

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

One of my key take-aways from this week’s interview with Rodney Walker is the value of defining roles from the beginning of a work relationship.

In the case of non-profits, directors recruit a board for a variety of reasons: fund raising potential, public endorsement and reputation, access to their network of connections, among others. Not always considered is what role these board members will play in the on-going operation of the enterprise.

Here’s the deal. Once you’re hooked on a board member’s value as a fund raiser and/or a connection maker, it’s almost impossible to tell them to back off when you find out that they feel part of their role is to tell you how to lead the organization.

Better to define at the beginning of the relationship what the role looks like, than find yourselves resenting, resisting or avoiding your own key supporters!

What have you done to clarify board member roles and responsibilities?

Listen In -> The Challenge of Non-Profits with Rodney Walker

Friday, November 9th, 2007

My good friend and admired entrepreneur, Rodney Walker, talks with me for the next four weeks about the challenges facing non-profit enterprises.

This was an interesting series for me, because non-profits don’t (and can’t) function like for-profit companies. We will delve into:

  1. Unhealthy Board/Director Dynamics (the current recording)
  2. There’s Never Enough Money
  3. Can You Measure Success?
  4. Working with Volunteers

Let us know one of your board versus director challenges!

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