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Listen In -> Employees… What Are They Good For? #2: The Problem of Finding Good Employees

We’ve all received them. The polite email thanking us for our job application, but with regrets declining the opportunity to meet us in person.

The computer, it seems, decided that since the job requisition form specified a minimum of five years of experience and we only had four years of experience, that there would be no reason to explore our qualifications further. 

Can such talent search methods be serving us well? Could it be that our standardized job descriptions, computerized key word searches, and the use of unformatted text-only resumes are eliminating valuable candidates before we even have a chance to meet them?

In this week’s podcast discussion, Claudia and I look at the problem of finding good employees.

The challenge in a tough economy—when we’re receiving possibly hundreds of applications for any given opening—is how to make sure we’re meeting the unique, real-life people who would be the best fit for our team.

The options at either end of the spectrum aren’t practical. We cannot personally interview every single applicant.  The computerized culling cannot take into account important intangibles like industriousness, team spirit, creativity, working styles, or communication abilities.

How do we make sure we’re meeting and hiring the best people available?

Listen in.

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