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Karl’s Library: The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner

A timeless classic you cannot afford to ignore, the 5th Edition is about to be released.

I remember when I first read The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner an unmentionable number of years ago.

As a young leader finding my way, it was a key resource that provided an accessible vision of leadership undergirded with substantial content.

The book is organized around five basic responsibilities of the leader:

1. Model the way
2. Inspired a shared vision
3. Challenge the process
4. Enable others to act
5. Encourage the heart

As I launch this column sharing the best of my professional development library, I could think of no better book with which to begin.

Order your copy today.

If you’re a Kindle fan like I am, it is available for the Kindle.
Don’t have a Kindle? Get one! You’ll love it.

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