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Listen In -> Posture of Strategic Readiness with Van Wray #4: The Built-In Slack

For those of you who believe in cracking the whip in order to make sure everyone is working as hard as they can every minute that they can, stop reading here. You won’t appreciate this week’s podcast episode.

In fact, those who keep all their other resources tied up and busy should probably read elsewhere also.

The reason is simple. In this week’s podcast discussion Van Wray of Amperant Advisors and I take a look at the importance of building some slack into our plans.

You read it correctly. Slack. Intentionally.

Not all opportunities or problems can be anticipated.

What if an unexpected opportunity came along, and we couldn’t respond because all our resources were already committed?

What about the work stoppage at one of your key suppliers? Now you’re off plan before you’ve even begun.

Unless, that is, you’ve built slack into your strategic plans.

How does one plan for the unexpected? How can we plan around what we cannot control?

Listen in.

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