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Listen In -> Posture of Strategic Readiness with Van Wray #2: The Stop and No Lists

Stationery stores are packed with a myriad of clever and cute to-do lists for purchase. Some have check boxes to mark off as each task gets completed. Some have prioritizing systems to help you rank today’s duties in order of importance.

But have you ever seen a not to-do list?

Strategic plans are jam-packed with the meat and potatoes of what you will be doing over the next several years.

But have you ever seen a plan that delineated what you would stop doing this year?

In this week’s podcast discussion with special guest Van Wray of Amperant Advisors we confront the reality that all ideas are not good ideas.

In other words, the good ideas from yesterday may not be the good ideas we need for tomorrow. Which means there will come a time when we need to stop.

Stop certain programs. Stop certain lines of action. Stop offering certain products. Stop certain practices.

Hence the intentionality of thoughtfully developing a “Stop-list” and/or a “No-list.”

Have you thought about what you need to stop doing or what you need to say “No” to?

Listen in.

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