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Effective Systems

Move beyond being merely effective and toward being enthusiastic and enterprising.


Organizing for Results

An in-depth look at the outcomes you need to achieve and your personal working style, and structuring a personalized organizational system that will serve you.


Systems Diagnostic

A three-week immersion: pinpointing priority outcomes, conducting confidential staff interviews, evaluating underlying causes, and making plans for change.


Developing a Healthy Workplace Culture

Learn to design your own workplace culture. This team event gives you the opportunity to build the values, processes and atmosphere that will propel your efforts forward.

Technology: New Tool or New Hurdle

Do you serve your technology or does your technology serve you? If you find yourself doing mental and procedural gymnastics in order to get your tools to do what you want them to, then it is time for a rethink.


Working Culture Design
American Idol Insights to Work
Get back into the learning game.